Invest in air conditioning for a cleaner environment, indoors and out.

Did you know that air conditioning systems are…

Whether your air conditioning system circulates fresh air into your space or not, your well maintained system will be constantly filtering out dust, pollen and other air pollutants.

Properly designed and installed air conditioning systems are proven to be more energy efficient than traditional central heating or conventional electric heaters.

With dozens of styles and sizes of air conditioner units, we’re sure we will find the perfect solution to improving your environment with as little impact on the aesthetic appeal or space limitation as possible.

We have worked with homeowners, universities, restauranteurs, bars, clubs, offices, big retail outlets, little retail outlets, industrial powerhouses, small businesses, construction industry leaders and private contractors.  There really is no limit to where our services are needed, and no limit to what we can do to enrich your environment. 

We can help design, build and install a bespoke solution that will not only meet your requirements; but will exceed your expectations.

About us


Leach HVAC installs, maintains, and repairs heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in domestic, retail, industrial and corporate settings across the UK.


Over 30 years in the trade Leach HVAC has perfected the art balancing efficiency, affordability and reliability using the latest technologically advanced and energy efficient systems that the industry leading manufacturers have to offer.