To ensure maximum efficieny, air conditioning systems need a little TLC from time-to-time.

How do I keep my system in check?

Following an installation we can work with you to provide annual, quarterly, or bespoke maintenance plans to suit your environment and system requirements.

Our FGAS qualified engineers will check operating pressures and conduct basic maintenance cleaning at least once a year.  This is the minimum legal requirement for any system holding more than 3kg of refrigerant gas per system.

Your air conditioning units, big or small, simple or complex, all work best when they are looked after regularly.  Tired air filters and crowded condensers will significantly reduce performance and invite breakdowns or total units failures over time.  

Even if we didn't install your current system, we can work with you to set up a new maintenance plan.


Checking, cleaning and deodorising of indoor unit filters and outdoor condenser fins for maximum performance.  Check, test and clean condensate pumps.


Test heating and cooling using advanced thermal inspection technology to verify coil temperatures and air output levels.


Annual pressure testing with FGAS registration updates and safety/performance recommendations where appropriate.